Israeli money makeover: Goodbye 5 agurot, Hello 2 shekel coin and plastic bills

Posted on October 9, 2007 • By Rebecca Markowitz
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In an effort to make our pockets even heavier, the Bank of Israel has decided to stop circulation of the 5 agurot, sure to be a collector’s item, (roughly equivalent to a penny), and add a 2 shekel coin to the shiny array of Israeli coins. Now it’s America’s turn to shed the antiquated copper version.

Compared to US dollars, Israel’s shekel bills have always been a colorful sight, making spending money a pleasure since it doesn’t feel like real money. And now, those bills will look even more fake, thanks to a new protective plastic coating that will be applied to the 20 shekel bill. Now we’re talking, money that doubles as an umbrella for the upcoming winter months, and as Haaretz points out, a replacement for missing monopoly money.

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