The homework machine a reality with Israel start-up Shvoong

Posted on October 10, 2007 • By Rebecca Markowitz
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As a kid, I read Shel Silverstein’s famous poem, “The Homework Machine” which, as you can guess, is about a machine that does your homework for you, just doesn’t promise the best results. Today, this homework machine seems to have taken shape in the form of Israeli start-up, Shvoong. I’m not claiming that it will do your homework for you, but it does come pretty close. Shvoong’s website boasts free essays, term papers, articles, summaries, and abstracts – any student’s fantasy site.

On a social level, Roi Carthy writes that Shvoong Homework lets kids “use Shvoong Homework to type-up their schoolwork, keep it organized, and then share it with individual or groups of classmates, the entire class, students from other schools entirely, or no one at all. ” Does education need to be another social networking site? What happened to the days of paying attention in class, writing things down in a notebook, and doing well all on your own.

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